Protobox Docs


API: Application Programming Interface – An API acts as an intermediary layer that processes data transfers between systems. This allows companies to open their functionality to third parties.
AWS: Amazon Web Services – A subsidiary of Amazon; provides cloud-computing platforms and APIs.
Bee: Swarm nodes are referred to as “Bee” nodes. When running, Bee nodes interact with Swarm smart contracts on Gnosis Chain and connect with other Bee nodes to form the Swarm network.
Bridged tokens: Certain tokens can be sent from one blockchain to another via a bridge. Eg: The BZZ Token on the Ethereum network can be bridged to Gnosis Chain where it becomes xBZZ.
Bucket: S3 buckets are object storage containers. They are used to store objects that consist of object data and its descriptive metadata.
BZZ Token: BZZ is Swarm’s ERC-20 token issued on Ethereum.
xBZZ Token: xBZZ is BZZ bridged to the Gnosis Chain using OmniBridge. xBZZ is used to purchase postage stamps and as the unit of accounting between Bee nodes.
DAI Token: DAI is an ERC-20 stable token issued on the Ethereum blockchain, tracking USD.
xDAI Token: xDAI is DAI bridge to Gnosis Chain using xDAI Bridge. It is the native token Gnosis Chain uses as payment for transaction fees.
Gnosis Chain: Gnosis Chain (previously known as xDAI Chain) is the PoS, EVM-compatible Ethereum sidechain that Swarm contracts are executed on.
Postage stamps: Swarm uses postage stamps to represent the right to store data on the network. Stamps are currently purchased with xBZZ.
PLUR: is the smallest denomination of BZZ. 1 PLUR is equal to 1e16 BZZ. 1 BZZ is equal to 10000000000000000 PLUR.
Smart contracts: Smart contracts are automatically executable pieces of code that can be published on a blockchain to ensure immutability.
Swarm: The Swarm network consists of a collection of Bee nodes which work together to enable decentralised data storage for the next generation of censorship-resistant, unstoppable, serverless dapps.
Swarm is also the name of the core organization that oversees the development and success of the Bee Swarm as a whole. They can be found at
Wallet Address: A unique address associated with your wallet (for EVM-compatible wallets this generally begins with 0x or can be represented by an ENS (Ethereum Name Service) name ending in .eth.