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CLI Tool documentation


Welcome to the Protobox CLI, a powerful command-line tool designed to interact with Protobox, a decentralized storage system. This tool provides essential commands for managing your data on Protobox, including listing contents, downloading files, and uploading local or Amazon S3 data to Protobox. With similarities to AWS CLI, Protobox CLI simplifies the process of migrating your data from Amazon S3 to Protobox. Authentication


Before using the CLI, you need to authenticate with Protobox. Run the following command and follow the prompts to enter your authentication details:
python authorize \
-b your_batch_id \
-sig your_wallet_signature_on_specific_word \
-e protobox_url \
-a yor_application_name
-sig - sig parameter will take the user's signature with sign message "Sign In Protobox" without quotes. The signer should be the batch_id creator
-e - Should be the URL of the s3 gateway, for ex.


1. List Contents (LS)

Use the ls command to view the contents of your Protobox storage, including buckets, folders, and files.
python ls -b bucket_name -p your_key_prefix
2. Download file
Download files from Protobox decentralized storage using the download command. Replace <your_bucket_name> and <your_bucket_key> with the path to the file and key respectively.
python download -b your_bucket_name -k your_bucket_key -dst your_destination_folder

3. Upload Local Folder to Protobox

Upload a local folder to Protobox using the upload command. Replace <your_bucket_name> and <your_local_dir> with the local folder path and Protobox destination, respectively.
python upload_folder -b your_bucket_name -dir your_local_dir

4. Upload Amazon S3 Folder or Bucket to Protobox

Migrate data from Amazon S3 to Protobox by uploading a folder or bucket using the upload command. Replace <your_bucket_name> and <your_bucket_key> with the Amazon S3 bucket and key respectively.
python migrate -b your_bucket_name -k your_bucket_key -aws_key_id -aws_secret_key
aws_key_id - isn't mandatory, boto3 can get it from .aws folder
aws_secret_key - isn't mandatory, boto3 can get it from .aws folder

5. Create Bucket on Protobox

Creates new Bucket on Protobox. Replace <your_bucket_name> with the Amazon S3 bucket.
python create_bucket -b your_bucket_name