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What is Protobox?

Protobox makes decentralized cloud storage more accessible.

What does Protobox have to offer?

Protobox is a decentralized storage product and suite of tools that allow existing web2 customers who utilize object storage solutions (including AWS S3) to easily access the inherent benefits of distributed storage networks.
The Protobox S3 API enables data transfer from S3 API-compatible storage endpoints/vendors to Swarm.
Decentralizing Cloud Storage
There are currently over 800,000 users of Amazon’s S3 enterprise object storage solution. This represents roughly a 93% market share.1 This currently represents a $4.83 billion dollar market, with a compound annual growth of 13.6%.2​
Cloud storage is a core service enabling almost every technology we utilize today in our personal and business lives. It may be the gateway for the masses to the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Decentralized storage has already been praised in the U.S. Congress by Sen. Pat Toomey for protecting the free press in China.3​
In order to encourage more users to adopt decentralized storage, we need to eliminate key friction points from the onboarding and migration process.
That is where we come in.
Protobox Solutions
For decentralized storage to reach wider adoption, the experience for both the data producer and the data consumer should be equivalent to the current standard solution at a minimum. Protobox exists in an active response to this point and our roadmap of tools and integrations is continually evolving to meet user needs.
Our initial product offering is S3 API tooling that enables data transfer between S3-compatible storage endpoints/vendors and the decentralized Swarm Network.
Our aim is to allow new and existing cloud storage users to access and incorporate decentralized storage with as little friction as possible.
Our roadmap includes:
  • Offerings to reduce payment friction for non-web3 native users transitioning to Swarm from traditional S3 vendors
  • Automatic fiat onramp solutions with automated postage stamp creation and renewal/top-up, simplified storage cost calculator, simplified bandwidth cost calculator, and options to enable prepayment of bandwidth cost on behalf of end users.
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